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My widower Story

My story starts like most and takes a turn far too many experience. While in graduate school I met my wife to be Alina - at a nightclub of all places - this is how we use to swipe right and left pre-dating apps. Love at first sight. Dated for a few years I “pop” the question and get a yes!
A year later my first was born and a few years later my second. Including her firstborn- we were a blended family - we were a happy home of 5. 
Then came Alina’s cancer diagnosis. Shocked. Terrified. Confused.
In some ways the almost 9 years of cancer treatments were some of the best years because of how we’d grown and come to appreciate what we had and our time together. I had by this time lost my uncles, my dad, my mom, and now Alina, and the boys without their mom, their guiding light. It reads like a tragedy because it is. But, it’s also a story of love, laughter, proud moments, great memories, and cherished friendships.

Now I am the father of 3 boys and I had to figure out 
a lot on my own.  I can remember the first time I had to cut my youngest son's toe nails. I had never done it.  His toes were so tiny I was nervous thinking I'd cut too much and hurt him.  I remember standing in the kitchen with plenty of food (ingredients) but not a lot of ideas of how to combine them into something nutritious and edible.  I remember how quiet the house was after her passing - but not the good restful kind of quiet. I was a silence that that spoke volumes about our family's loss.  How does one go from near catatonic to engaged and hopeful.  Well the short answer is things change. I'm here to help guide you through that change.  

I get it you have fears.  Fears about doing it right. Fears about picking up the broken pieces. Fears about how everyone around you are doing. Fears about loving again.  All normal.  There's nothing wrong here. There is a way to acknowledge and honor what you created together while re-engaging in life in both old and new ways.  That's what is meant by 'coaching u through'.

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